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Hey day night Readers , welcome to read my midnight blog . Yes , I like to write my entry during this time . Erm , now is about 12.30 a.m. Ah ! Forget about that . Ok . I actually do not know what title should I put up there , but we are in December right now for sure . So that , I want to share about THREE things .

First is about CHRISTMAS ! Yeyy ! It is around the corner . HEHE . I'm so excited about it . As people always said , happiness will comes with sadness . They are friends but have different character as well . Ok , why I feel sad ? This is because my mom decided us to not celebrate Christmas this year . Mom said we have to give respect to our grandmother that died on 30.03.11 . Granny , we love you , we miss you . We will sent our love for you through our pray . Do not forget to my grandfather too . Rest In Peace .

In that opportunity , we decided to go to Mukah and visit our relatives there . Actually , it is at Tellian Tengah . Now , I'm 18 year-old-girl . I suppose to know who my relatives are . Sincere , I do not know well about them . HAHA . Well , sorry all . Meet you all in Mukah Town soon my buddy ! LOL ~

Second thing is about my license . I have registered last Saturday . I'm excited about it too . Btw , the payment was RM80 each person . I do not know how much the fee for other places . But in Mukah it was it . I think so . Don't know ah ! Forget that . Erm , first rule that I found out before attend the driving class is we should not wear singlet . Plus , should not wear short skirt . HEHE . But I wore singlet and a short when I am registered that day . Ok , I do not know what should I write 'cause I do not know much yet about it . I'm happy , that's important than other .

After two is three . HEHE . Ok , third thing is about my homework . Waa . It was on the right corner of table . Hardly to get it near with me . Seems like my hand too lazy to write anything except typing . HAHA . I have no idea to do my homework . When should I start ? OMG ! January is coming soon ! Wake up ! I have to do something with it . Today start ! Erghh !

*Whatever ! My English is broken and I know it . Sorry if it has wrong grammar . I will try to improve it . I will do my best ! Keep support me !! Thank you .

Lain kali datang lagi. Terima kasih.

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